Cyber security hackathon and value added program

VAP - 7th & 8th October
Hackathon - 9th October

Time: 11 a.m

Reg Fee:  ₹500 for VAP & ₹500 for Hackathon

Platform: Tryhackme

Perks of Contest:
 Zero to Hero in Cyber Security.
 Certificate to assure your knowledge on Cyber Security from Auriseg, Defsec-1 and VIT ACM SC(An international professional society)
 Pride of being the pilot workshop attendees.
 Certificate for Contest participation.
 Winner certificate for successful winners of the Hackathon and quizs.
 Opportunity to get three certificates with handful of knowledge.

Perks of Contest:
 Upon participants of the Contest, participants will be given certificates in cyber security from Auriseg, Defsec-1 and VIT ACM SC.
 The participants will gain exposure to cyber security tools, enabling them to protect them from cyber atacks independently. 
 The Winners will be awarded with exciting Cash Prizes

Note: The decision will be taken by experts and their decision will be final. No further queries in this regard will be entertained.

Student Co-ordinator - A J Dazzle, Shalini Banerjee, Akhila, Yazhini, Abhineshwari, Dharani Pushpam

Report of the event