Date: 27th Feb 2023

Time: 12.00 noon.
Venue: AB-1 Mini Conference Hall (AB1-101).

Mode:  Hybrid.

Registration Link:  Once again Register in the following link : https://forms.gle/969LUcRBV57Rqsb58 

Rules for Workshop: 
 • Individual participation.
 • No registration fee.
 • Online workshop.
 • RoadMap 1.0: 1st Feb 2023to 20th Feb 2023
 • RoadMap 2.0: 12th Feb 2023 to 23rd Feb 2023
 • Exciting prizes for the participants.

Rules for the Contest:
 • Individual or team participation.
 • Plagiarism is never entertained.
 • No restrictions on the platform of development.
 • The topic of development of the Website is: SCOPE-A Talent Hub

Perks of attending workshop:
 • The participant will be given access to materials related to web development tools.
 • Zero to Hero in Web development : An essential skill for CS experts.
 • Certificate to assure your knowledge on web development from IIT Bombay and VIT ACM SC (An international professional society)
 • Pride of being the pilot workshop attendees.
 • Certificate for Contest participation.
 • Winner certificate for successful web designers of the contest.
 • Opportunity to get three certificates with handful of knowledge.

Source of Information:
 • For the latest achievements: 
           Mails from the Respected Dean and The Director of Student Welfare on the achievements of students 
 • For the earlier achievements: 
           The participants can refer to: https://chennai.vit.ac.in/computerscience engineering-chennai/scope-achievements
 • Interact in Alumni network for the past students achievements

Submission format: 
 • Live demonstration of the working project that the participant/team created 
• Regarding Submission Link it will be announced through mail.

Evaluation Criteria:
Judgement Criteria: Judgment will be based on:  
 • Originality of the design
 • Creativity in expressing the content 
 • User Approaching Design 
 • Relevancy in ContentJustified FunctionalityUsability on the website

Marks Split-up:
 1. Flawless User Experience will be given 30 percentage of the total weightage
 2. Content Presentation  will be given 20 percentage of the total weightage
 3. Content Quality  will be given 50 percentage of the total weightage and marks will be given on the basis of level of justification to the given theme.

NOTE: The decision will be taken by experts and their decision will be final. No further queries in this regard will be entertained.

Quiz Leaderboard: 

ROADMAP 1.0: Quiz leaderboard 1.0

ROADMAP 2.0: Quiz leaderboard 2.0

Winner of the event: 
Team - Byte Karma
1. Vishal Kumar Yadav
2. Apoorv D
3. Sarvesh Kadam
4. Ayush Shah

Student Co-ordinator : Arun Santhosh R A (6381515271)

Report of the event: